Rachel Marie, The Writer: An Intro


Let's Rewrite The World Together


I’m Rachel and I love writing: creative, professional, and personal.
And after graduating Everest this ‘hobby’ turned into be a real love affair.
Lately I’ve been getting into some great areas of expertise; I’ve even began writing my first fictional crime novel!

I’m easy going. Humble. Motivated. Experienced. Advanced. I’ve been writing since I can remember and I’ve had a passion for it but I’ve never had the guts to just go for it!

Lately, I’ve had the encouragement to actually make a go of it and I believe with a few good jobs, I can really change the game!

If you have a project you think you’d like to hire me for, or you need to add a bit of humor to your team, contact me!

Maybe we can rewrite the world together.

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Happy New Year!


New year, new adventures; new people, new places; new thoughts, new choices…new growth. Congratulations on enduring another year and striving forward to continue your journey to greatness. I would like to wish you nothing but the best in your future endeavors & would like to say thank you for following me as I continue to follow my dreams of becoming a best selling author. Goals for the new year include, but are not limited to: acquiring an agent, creating a promotional campaign for my latest book, & topping the charts until I’ve peaked at number 1 on the New York Times Bestsellers List! 🙂 Sounds easy enough, right? Ha! If only! Well, it’s been a long and tedious 2014 & I am STOKED for the upcoming new year and all the changes it is bound (& expected) to bring along with it; what will I do with all this energy? I’m going to go write now…blog ya later!


Rachel Marie, The Writer 😉


What’s your dream?


What’s your dream? “A dream is but a wish the heart makes” is not only a lyric from a popular song, but true indeed. Wish it, dream it, believe it, achieve it. Never settle for less than what you deserve and never allow anyone who let their dreams slide to push you to do the same. You’re only as great as your worst critic, and everyone knows who our worst critic is: ourselves. So, shut that negative voice in your head out and start thinking positively to ensure nothing but positive outcomes! View my website for more of my poetry pieces @ www.rachelthewriter.wix.com/rachelmarie

It’s my life

It's my life, not just something I do.

It’s my life, not just something I do.

It’s my life, I’ll do what I please…if I want, I sit up and write all day…day in and day out, writing is what my life is all about. I write to relive moments and forget others. I write to make memories and to erase unwanted inventory from the shelves of my brain. I write to free myself and to ease my pain. I write to feel, I write to become numb. I write for me, but for others, too. It’s my life, not just something I do.

“Yours Truly: A Collection of Poetry”


“Yours Truly: A Collection of Poetry” set to be published and IN STORES March 2015! I can’t wait and I am ecstatic! This will be my first official published work and I am more than ready! I am currently working on a crime mystery, which is also set to be published this year. I will officially be a published author as of March 2015!

Where would you go?


I think to myself sometimes: if I could just get away…I think I’d be able to come back as a better person…life can get so difficult sometimes you lose sight of the good things in life. So, where would you go if you could go anywhere in the world? I’ve always dreamed of traveling to Greece, or maybe London. I’d love to take a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris! Where would you go?

Work in progress…


I’ve been busy lately preparing my manuscript for publishers; I am hoping to have it finished and ready by the end of January. I am mid-way through the plot and cannot WAIT for my fans to read this book!! It’s going to be epic! For more information on this book, as well as my poetry, check out my website at:


Found Me Through Adversity


finding my sanity in deviance

even my ignorance is ignorant

young & dumb

i felt so numb

i just wanted you there

when i needed someone

yet you pushed me away

and even when i wanted to stay

cons outweighed the pros

hard times, no one knows

trying to grow

even through your suppression

people thought they knew

but i always kept ‘em guessing

-never stressing-

through all the bullshit, i never quit

even though you doubted me

i still gave it my best

even though you tried to hold me back

i still finished before the rest

now that i’m grown—out on my own

been that way since 16

found out early all i got is me

that’s the way it’s been

& how it’s always gonna be—-

i found me through all the adversity

never stopping despite your lack of faith in me

i found me through adversity

stronger now than i ever thought i could be