Double Aught Entertainment, LLC: An Intro


The Double Aught Entertainment, LLC is a Dublin, GA Limited Liability Corporation with offices in Montrose and Dublin, GA. The company is owned and operated by Tyler Walden and Rachel Cowart. The company originally began promoting, marketing, and developing underground artists in the United States. We have recently ventured into promoting other small businesses as well. WE STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE & 100% SATISFACTION OF ALL OF OUR CLIENTS!

The company’s mission is to encourage, challenge, and develop upcoming, underground artists into becoming their best selves with the utmost potential to become successful. We have teamed up with prominent DJs, writers, and talented underground artists to propel a movement of underground music into the mainstream. Our mission is to write for, produce, and propel these underground artists into financial stability and success within the entertainment industry.

The Double Aught Entertainment group finds, promotes and delivers artists’ music who is unique in the marketplace with significant potential to become successful. The artists that we look for have a unique blend of lyricism that demonstrates their quality as individual artists. These artists possess a prodigious overall musical talent that the market wants to hear and that the market can relate to.

As a privately owned company, Double Aught Entertainment puts clients first. Creating and maintaining strong client relationships is the core of our business. It is our combination of dedicated customer service and relentless strategic techniques that enables Double Aught Entertainment to build relationships, embrace new technologies, and develop solutions that drive local commerce at a global scale.

Our mission is clear: We aim to provide great music by great artists; we aim to get unheard artists heard & put other small businesses on the map!

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