I’ll Always Love You

as tears fill my eyes and this lump builds in my throat
i’m constantly overthinking, rereading the words I wrote
how could i have been so stupid
how could i have been so blind
to question your motives, like you haven’t been here all the time
down from day one, never giving reason to question you
yet it’s hard to be ‘just friends’ if the love is true
‘friends & lovers’ can make it through
but i love you too much to be just friends with you
it may seem selfish, but i don’t want just half of you
i want it all or nothing at all
people make time for what they want
“this is just temporary”, you said…
“i still love you”, you said…
but your actions show me otherwise
some things are better left unsaid
if you don’t mean it, keep it
i don’t need to hear it…
it’s starting to make a lot more sense
it’s slowly getting clearer as the fog disappears from my vision
no longer obscured, i finally see
maybe, after all, we’re not really meant to be
right when i think i’ve found it
that’s when it turns around
you knew how to do it right
but you decided to make this change
so don’t get mad if i walk away
the freedom you’ve given me
holding on, i tried…
maybe it’s best if i just admit it & say goodbye…
i’m done wasting time
both yours and mine
i don’t know what this means for you
but i know what it means for me
breaking these chains of confusion, i’m done waiting
i refuse to be a last resort, a second best
i deserve to be someone’s everything and nothing less
it’s gonna hurt, true
but my heart will thank me, for this is for the best
admitting i was wrong for loving you
moving on and doing what i need to do
i guess this is goodbye
despite the fact i’ll always love you…

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