Unwanted Memories


He called but it was too late
Told me he misses me
I said I missed who he used to be
Nothing like a memory
Chained doors, brick walls
Brick & mortar, sheet rock & missed calls
On my mind, but out of sight
Unwanted memories replaying in my mind
You told me what you wanted
I gave you what you need
Bent over backwards & lost sleep
Can’t remember how many times you played me
All the skirt chasing, alibis, and fake “I love you’s”
Unwanted memories tend to be my new muse
Some things will never change
I grew a backbone but your ignorance remained
Growing apart, months spun from lazy days
Love dissipates but memories remain
Same photo, different frame
Unwanted memories remind my brain
What we used to be, why we dissolved
You claim to miss me, but never loved me at all
Coming into my own, releasing the past
Unwanted memories dissipating at last…