Mystery’s Daughter: Prologue


As the gusts of wind began to blow stronger; as he stood there with his arms crossed, frozen tears trickling down the sides of his face, he knew he would never see her again. He looked to the heavens, hoping she was looking down upon him and that she knew how much she was missed and dearly needed. He just couldn’t bear to suffer this pain alone; his daughter had been taken at a very young age, possibly never to return; now, his wife has passed, practically from a broken heart. Natural causes…what does that even mean? He knew what it meant; it meant simply that she couldn’t hold on any longer without her only daughter there by her side. He wondered if he could suffer alone; or would he be the next in the family to leave this cruel and unjustified world. He wondered. As he opened the front door, looking up to the heavens one last time; he swore he saw a cloud of light shine through the misty cold rain…he walked inside to warmth. Unfolding his arms, he looked around his house: empty…cold…hard. There was no sign of solace coming soon…he waited for what seemed like an eternity before moving from the spot he stood when he first walked back inside. I can do this. I must do this. Otherwise, their deaths are in vain. With that thought, he staggered to his room…tired and brokenhearted. Lying down on his plush, pillow-top comforter, he dozed off to sleep in the house he refused to call home with the ones he loved so dearly missing from the picture.