“Yours Truly: A Collection of Poetry”


“Yours Truly: A Collection of Poetry” set to be published and IN STORES March 2015! I can’t wait and I am ecstatic! This will be my first official published work and I am more than ready! I am currently working on a crime mystery, which is also set to be published this year. I will officially be a published author as of March 2015!

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Featured as one of the MANY performers for the ‘Do You’ Lyric Lounge in Augusta, GA; I want to invite anyone in/around the area to come check it out! $5 Admission, 1102 Bar & Grill, Broad St., Augusta, GA! For more information, check out my events tab on my website: (link below)

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Found Me Through Adversity


finding my sanity in deviance

even my ignorance is ignorant

young & dumb

i felt so numb

i just wanted you there

when i needed someone

yet you pushed me away

and even when i wanted to stay

cons outweighed the pros

hard times, no one knows

trying to grow

even through your suppression

people thought they knew

but i always kept ‘em guessing

-never stressing-

through all the bullshit, i never quit

even though you doubted me

i still gave it my best

even though you tried to hold me back

i still finished before the rest

now that i’m grown—out on my own

been that way since 16

found out early all i got is me

that’s the way it’s been

& how it’s always gonna be—-

i found me through all the adversity

never stopping despite your lack of faith in me

i found me through adversity

stronger now than i ever thought i could be

Maybe Tomorrow


If I had a second, maybe two, maybe I’d be able to explain how I feel about you. I don’t get how you can’t see it yet it’s as obvious as if the sun were missing. Maybe tomorrow…

It feels like we are just going through the motions; I could lean in to hold you, or act like I don’t even know you; seems like you don’t even notice. Seems you could care less either way. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day…

If I had the power I’d keep you forever, just here with me. Yet it wouldn’t be right because here’s not where you wanna be. Yeah, it’s that obvious; hiding things isn’t your specialty. How do I deal? I think maybe tomorrow it’ll be real.

I keep it all in—I don’t express it even when it hurts. I don’t want to be a burden. I don’t wanna be second best, next best, I’d rather be your all and nothing less. Yet every tomorrow you show it best.

I should’ve never let you lie to me. You love me but you don’t and that’s the harsh reality. I have to be the grown one in this thing—no more waiting on tomorrow. Tomorrow is never guaranteed to make me happy.

I’ll Always Love You

as tears fill my eyes and this lump builds in my throat
i’m constantly overthinking, rereading the words I wrote
how could i have been so stupid
how could i have been so blind
to question your motives, like you haven’t been here all the time
down from day one, never giving reason to question you
yet it’s hard to be ‘just friends’ if the love is true
‘friends & lovers’ can make it through
but i love you too much to be just friends with you
it may seem selfish, but i don’t want just half of you
i want it all or nothing at all
people make time for what they want
“this is just temporary”, you said…
“i still love you”, you said…
but your actions show me otherwise
some things are better left unsaid
if you don’t mean it, keep it
i don’t need to hear it…
it’s starting to make a lot more sense
it’s slowly getting clearer as the fog disappears from my vision
no longer obscured, i finally see
maybe, after all, we’re not really meant to be
right when i think i’ve found it
that’s when it turns around
you knew how to do it right
but you decided to make this change
so don’t get mad if i walk away
the freedom you’ve given me
holding on, i tried…
maybe it’s best if i just admit it & say goodbye…
i’m done wasting time
both yours and mine
i don’t know what this means for you
but i know what it means for me
breaking these chains of confusion, i’m done waiting
i refuse to be a last resort, a second best
i deserve to be someone’s everything and nothing less
it’s gonna hurt, true
but my heart will thank me, for this is for the best
admitting i was wrong for loving you
moving on and doing what i need to do
i guess this is goodbye
despite the fact i’ll always love you…

Implied Psychology

Inclined to date the ones mirroring our inner selves
Does that mean we’re assholes for the ones we let in?
Does that mean we’re stupid for the lack of intelligence we seek?
Does that mean we’re truly not as good as we think?
Everyone has a soul mate, so we’re told
There’s someone for everyone, the lie that’s sold
Inclined and drawn to the ones that mirror you
So if you date a retard, does that mean you’re one too?
So what really does it mean?
All this implied psychology…
Deeper than some will ever know…
Deeper than most care to grow…


Your malignity of our identity is quivering/ We witness the complexity regularly/ diminishing our involvement/ our citizenry/ United States is China’s queen/ the government left hanging ever so strangely/ Obama v Romney for the campaign of the century/ for the acme they were battling/ Obama’s win an uncertainty/ yet as Romney deemed unequivocally untrustworthy/ Changes proposed/ yet promises disposed/ got in office and became a global joke/ like the American people in its entirety/ believing everything so gullibly/ wake up and smell the coffee/ stop subscribing to their stupidity… /believing everything so gullibly/ the American people in its entirety

Letting go

letting go is the hardest thing to do
especially when you don’t want to
but how do I keep holding on
when it’s practically dead
some things are better left unsaid
so I’ll keep these feelings to myself
let this (& you) go and begin the healing process
somehow I knew it’d come to this
despite the unexpectedness
shocked, a little, not much
gotta admit, nonetheless, I’m gonna miss ‘us’….

The Photo


When will I get the picture
Frames change,
Photos remain
Untouched, Unchanged
When will I realize
That love is no more than a box of lies
Tied up, sealed to deliver
to the first unsuspecting one
Unknowingly receptive
just to end up alone
Love is no more than a hoax
Believing it now–
Like I didn’t already know…



I’ve got to restart
I love you
But we both know this ain’t the same
What it used to be
Versus what it is
Neither of us wanted this
You lied when you gave in
It wasn’t real to begin with
No matter how much you try to pretend
Feelings change, true, but not to that extent…