Work in progress…


I’ve been busy lately preparing my manuscript for publishers; I am hoping to have it finished and ready by the end of January. I am mid-way through the plot and cannot WAIT for my fans to read this book!! It’s going to be epic! For more information on this book, as well as my poetry, check out my website at:


Rachel Marie, The Writer: An Intro



I’m Rachel and I love writing: creative, professional, and personal.
And after graduating Everest this ‘hobby’ turned into be a real love affair.
Lately I’ve been getting into some great areas of expertise; I’ve even began writing my first fictional crime novel!

I’m easy going. Humble. Motivated. Experienced. Advanced. I’ve been writing since I can remember and I’ve had a passion for it but I’ve never had the guts to just go for it!

Lately, I’ve had the encouragement to actually make a go of it and I believe with a few good jobs, I can really change the game!

If you have a project you think you’d like to hire me for, or you need to add a bit of humor to your team, contact me!

Maybe we can rewrite the world together.