The Photo


When will I get the picture
Frames change,
Photos remain
Untouched, Unchanged
When will I realize
That love is no more than a box of lies
Tied up, sealed to deliver
to the first unsuspecting one
Unknowingly receptive
just to end up alone
Love is no more than a hoax
Believing it now–
Like I didn’t already know…


My Love


no one knows how much i love you except the little conscience inside my brain telling me to mind my mind and leave my heart outta the equation…i just couldn’t help myself, i fell hard, hoping you can rise to the occasion…life’s not a fairytale, but you’re my prince charming…i know i’m safe in your arms, nothing in this world can harm me…like the roots of an old oak tree my love for you is binding…till now until forever, i want you right beside me…

Be Patient With Me


If you truly love me, be patient with me…I’m not always going to be that nice, sweet, goofy, & sarcastically humorous girl that you first met…in fact, more than most, I’m going to get on your nerves…I’m going to annoy you…I’m going to get under your skin until you wish we’d never met, but be patient with me…if you love me, be patient with me…it’s not my intention to make your life hell, in fact i want to be the one who makes it all well, the one who wants to make sure you succeed and not fail, the one who loves you when the nights are long as hell…so be patient with me, if you love me, be patient with me…I’m going to be adamant and stubborn…I’m going to be egotistical and unpredictable…I’m going to be a handful, but I will also be irresistible…with my hands running through your hair, my constant support and never-ending care…I’ll love you without end, you’ll always know I’m there…so be patient with me, if you love me, be patient with me…I’m going to make it known that you are the only, the one I love, and no one else can have me…faithful and loyal beyond belief, so if you love me, be patient with me…some days I’ll be up, some days I’ll be down…some days I’ll be depressed, others the household clown…some days I’ll be shy, others as exuberant as the brightest light…some days I’ll be unnerving, others I’ll want to express an expression of plight…but be patient with me, if you truly love me, be patient with me…I’ll love you forever, this I know is true…and if you’ll be patient with me…I’ll vow to be patient with you…