Found Me Through Adversity


finding my sanity in deviance

even my ignorance is ignorant

young & dumb

i felt so numb

i just wanted you there

when i needed someone

yet you pushed me away

and even when i wanted to stay

cons outweighed the pros

hard times, no one knows

trying to grow

even through your suppression

people thought they knew

but i always kept ‘em guessing

-never stressing-

through all the bullshit, i never quit

even though you doubted me

i still gave it my best

even though you tried to hold me back

i still finished before the rest

now that i’m grown—out on my own

been that way since 16

found out early all i got is me

that’s the way it’s been

& how it’s always gonna be—-

i found me through all the adversity

never stopping despite your lack of faith in me

i found me through adversity

stronger now than i ever thought i could be